A Glossary of Descriptive Psychology Concepts

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Verbal Behavior

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  1. A Deliberate Action in which the primary Performance is a locution.

  2. Behaviors, <V>, that can be denoted by specifying three parameters <C, L, {B}>, where:

    C = Concept
    (the concept being acted on, compared to C′, all other concepts that might have been acted on)
    L = Locution
    (the word, phrase, or sentence uttered)
    {B} = Behavior
    (a set of behaviors that qualify as "acting on Concept C")

  3. The sense in which verbal behavior is straightforwardly behavior is shown via deletion and substitution as follows:


     =  <θ, θ, C, θ, L, θ, θ, θ>, {B}

  4. One of four perspectives on the Person Concept.
To say that a behavior is a verbal behavior is to give an explicitly incomplete description of behavior rather than merely a vague one, since it makes a commitment to only two of the eight parameters of behavior. Recalling the use of the Deletion operation to generate systematically incomplete forms of behavior description, we could include "Verbal Behavior Description" in that category.