A Glossary of Descriptive Psychology Concepts

What's this all about?


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  1. The distinction between X and some set of alternative non-X's (which may be lumped together as "not X").
  2. P uses concept C in engaging in behavior B.
  3. P acts on concept C in engaging in behavior B.
  4. An aspect of Behavior.

The distiction X/not-X is not binary.

"Not-X" is a spectrum of things. For example, there is "facing due east" and "not facing due east". In most common terms, there are 359 other directions to face that would be "not facing due east" (one for each degree on a circle). Of course, 360° in a circle is just a common convention. A circle can be divided much more finely than that; and we haven't even talked about facing up or down. "Not-X" is a spectrum of possibilities and not de facto binary.