A Glossary of Descriptive Psychology Concepts

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Person Characteristics

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  1. Every behavior reflects some of the characteristics of the person whose behavior it is. That is, if the person has certain characteristics instead of others, the behavior will be some certain behavior instead of some other. This parameter codifies that aspect of behavior.
  2. The values of this parameter specify which person characteristics the behavior is an expression of.


     =  <I, W, K, KH, P, A, PC, S>

  3. Sorting behavior according to these two criteria:
    1. which types of behaviors occur;
    2. their temporal patterns of occurrence.

    The possibilities can be grouped together as follows:
    1. Dispositions
      Traits, Attitudes, Interests, and Style
    2. Powers
      Ability, Values, and Knowledge
    3. Derivatives
      States, Capacities, and Embodiment