A Glossary of Descriptive Psychology Concepts

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  1. The "meaningful" or the "ulterior" aspects of behavior.


     =  <I, W, K, KH, P, A, PC, S>

  2. In general, behavior has a multilevel structure involving
    1. the behavior which is "what the person is up to" or "what the person's really doing" and
    2. one or more "implementation" behaviors, which is what observation reports of behavior generally describe.
  3. What P is doing by doing that.

Significance, the 8th parameter of Intentional Action (<B>), is an intentional action—the answer to the question, "What are you doing by doing that (the original <B>)?"

For example, by writing this commentary, I am trying to make clear a concept from Descriptive Psychology. By doing that I am trying to increase the behavior potential of readers who want to use Descriptive Psychology.

This "upward ladder of significance" is an important tool for describing the place the original behavior has in a person's life.