A Glossary of Descriptive Psychology Concepts

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Calculational System

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  1. A method for getting systematic access to and a finite working grasp of infinite collections of things.

  2. A method of getting access to all the facts and all the possible facts about what Persons do (<B>).

  3. Following the "Element-Operation-Product" model, a calculational system specifies explicitly:
    1. a finite set of Elements (something to perform Operations on);
    2. a finite set of Operations (something to perform on Elements);
    3. a result of Operating on an Element is a Product;
    4. a Product is also a new Element in the system.

  4. For example, Arithmetic is a calculation system. Given Element "1" and Operation "+", 1+1 = "2". "2" is a Product of the system; therefore, a new Element that can be operated on. 2+1 = "3". And so on.